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The process of dealing with family law cases is complicated for everyone involved. Most cases take a bit of time to get finalized, but they can also be costly, especially when both sides cannot agree on any issues that need to be resolved.

Thankfully, mediation is commonly used in Tulsa and surrounding counties as a remedy for issues in cases that need to be resolved. Utilizing an experienced mediator can keep the case from escalating to the point of needing a judge to resolve issues for the parties

The Firm on Baltimore has extensive mediation experience, helping thousands of clients in all manner of family law cases. We know that mediation can be an effective tool that is more amicable for resolving most cases. A mediator is used as a guide and a legal go-between for both sides of the case. No one can force someone to agree in a mediation, but it often times reduces conflict and deescalates issues.

Family lawyers use mediation as a voluntary process that happens outside of the courtroom. It is a process that allows people who are going through any family law case to discuss and reach agreements on a range of issues. All the problems related to the case can be resolved with the help of a neutral third party, the mediator. Examples of issues that are handled in mediation that will need to be finalized in most settlements, include:

Common mediation issues include:

Is Mediation a Good Option for Me?

Mediation could have several benefits for you, especially if you and your former spouse can be cordial with each other. Mediation also provides both sides with equal power to develop the terms of their divorce, rather than having the courts decide for them. The cost of separation can be reduced through mediation, and the divorce process will often be completed more quickly if agreements are made in mediation. Also, any discussions between both sides and the mediator are confidential, so there will not be any public record of the events.

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