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How and when to establish/enforce child support

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When it comes to divorce or paternity cases, child support matters are typically the most significant issue. It can be challenging for both parents to agree during this time, especially when it involves their children, money, and a fair solution.

Our family lawyers at The Firm on Baltimore are very educated and experienced in serving as your legal advisor. We will guide you towards a child support solution for your child(ren) that is both balanced and beneficial.

What services do we provide in a child support case?

  • Establishing child support payments
  • Modifying support amounts
  • Enforcing nonpayments

Child Support is determined by many factors including:

  • Gross income of both parents
  • Child support obligations paid to other children
  • Number of children who receive support
  • Cost of daycare and medical expenses

Determining Child Support Payments

In Oklahoma, child support payments are calculated through a formula that takes several different variables into account to develop an amount. It is important to have knowledge of all these variables when entering a computation.

Keep in mind that if you are a business owner with complex finances or are unemployed or underemployed, we recommend having one of our lawyers review your situation to help determine your actual income and child support obligations to the other parent.

Consultations with a knowledgeable advocates

Contact us today to discuss your child support case, and we can let you know what we can do to help. We can defend anyone who is accused of violating court orders and help enforce the orders. The Firm on Baltimore is here to help Tulsa's citizens through our quality services and the relentless care for our clients.

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