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In Oklahoma, child custody can also be referred to as parenting plans. Parenting plans outline which parent they will live with, where children will live, and how the parents will make decisions throughout the children’s life. For example, where the child would go to school, who will be their primary doctor and they could even decide on which religion they would practice.

The important thing to always remember is that the parenting plan you create now will have a huge impact on the relationship with your child and your child’s well-being. We can’t tell you enough how important it to approach your parenting plan with an experienced family law attorney who can help you craft a thorough plan, that doesn’t leave your plan exposed and that protects you and your child’s interests.

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How Are Parenting Plans Determined?

Most courts prefer that the child's parents work together to create their parenting plan; it's better for everyone involved. When parents can agree on a parenting plan, it typically results in healthier relationships and, most importantly, much easier for children during a divorce. Once the parents can decide on a parenting plan, a judge will approve it. Both parties will then be responsible for following the plan of custody for the child.

If there is a dispute between both parents with the parenting plan and you cannot reach a mutual agreement, the judge will decide for them. The final decision will be based on what would be best for the child.

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Fighting for the rights that you have as a parent is not an easy task by any means which is why you and your child deserve the very best representation with a compassionate law firm.

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