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The Firm On Baltimore proudly represents adopting parents, intended parents, birth parents, and gestational carriers in all stages of Oklahoma’s family formation and reformation proceedings. With our services we deliver empathy, respect, and candor. As an illustrative list, we provide assistance for the following:

In State Adoptions
Interstate Adoptions
Step-Parent Adoptions
Agency Adoptions
Foster Care Placements
Family Building Options for Same-Sex Couples
Contested Adoptions
Adult Adoptions
Gestational Carriers, Surrogates
Egg/Sperm Donations
Assisted Reproduction for Intended Parents

When researching our plan to grow or reform your family, please call The Firm On Baltimore to discuss how you might benefit from our experience. If we cannot help you, we can direct you to any combination of the many professionals with whom we have establish trust and respect. 

What does adopting a child in Oklahoma involve?

  • How to file for adoption
  • What expenses you may encounter
  • When the biological parent’s parental rights will end

Adoption is an Important Decision to Make

  • What if a biological parent or surrogate has second thoughts about adopting?
  • What are the legal guidelines for an open/closed adoption?
  • Can the biological parents request for rights?
  • What do you need to know about your rights and your obligation before legally adopting?
  • If you are adopting the child of a relative who cannot meet their parental obligations, what safeguards need to be in place?
Discuss your adoption with us in an initial case evaluation: Call (918) 948-6171.

The Firm on Baltimore has helped many families have the perfect family. We are here to help you with your adoption needs and can assist in developing a legal strategy that will meet all of your goals! The law firm at The Firm on Baltimore is ready to start working for you as soon as possible; we understand how important an adoption process is, which makes us dedicated providers who only offer high-quality service through our well thought out strategies tailored specifically for each individual client.

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The Firm on Baltimore has a concentrated effort on family law issues so that we can better serve our clients. As a small firm, we take the time to get to know the people who need our help through close personal interaction. When you come to us, you will receive one-on-one attention from our adoption attorneys. We are always available and strive to meet your needs with excellent support and service.

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