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How and when to modify/enforce court orders

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After a decree is finalized, both parties are responsible for following the terms they agreed on within the decree. This includes following the guidelines of the parenting plan and may involve paying child support to the other parent. Even though the court requires specific procedures, not everyone will follow through all the time. These disputes do happen, and when they do, it typically leads to post-decree actions against the other.

If one parent refuses to follow through with the terms of your decree or court order, or if you need to be defended in a contempt action, our Tulsa divorce attorneys can protect you. As skilled trial attorneys, we are confident in our ability to resolve post-divorce disputes. Our experienced attorneys can help guide you through the court system and fight for your legal rights if the situation occurs.

Common post-divorce disputes include:

Enforcing Court Orders

For example, one way you can enforce a divorce decree when someone has violated a court order in direct contempt of court action. Our family law attorneys can help you navigate the paperwork and make sure that it is adequately served to the opposing party and properly lead you through the court process.

If a judgment is issued to you, the judge will give you options for the situation and allocate a specific time in which it should be resolved. Finally, if your former spouse still decides not to comply with the judge’s orders, they can be sentenced to jail time, have their wages garnished, and/or be ordered to pay fines and costs.

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If you need help with modification or enforcement issues, do not hesitate to contact our office today. We can then discuss your case, and we can let you know what we can do to help. The Firm on Baltimore is here to help make the citizens of Tulsa through our quality services and the relentless care for our clients.

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